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Estate & Gift Tax

Estate and Gift Tax
With the changing estate tax law and the exclusion amount for taxable estates changing, relatively few individuals have had to file estate tax returns, or Form 706, in the last several years. As a result, many individuals assume that the estate tax will never apply to them, and that they don’t need to consider it as part of their tax planning.
The fact is, however, that those who are liable for the estate tax are taxed in the highest bracket, and it remains one of the most complicated areas of tax law. Moreover, the exclusion amount can change as well. For that reason, estate and gift tax planning continues to be of real importance to individuals as part of their long-term tax planning process.
At Whittaker & Saucier, we have both the knowledge and the experience to ensure that estate and gift taxes are properly considered as part of your overall tax plan, and that any estate tax returns are filed with complete accuracy. Our estate and gift tax section is led by Bill Pelletier.