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Businesses & Associations

Businesses & Associations
At Whittaker & Saucier, we have extensive accounting experience in tax preparation and tax planning for all types of businesses, from small partnerships to large C Corporations.  While some businesses need only file an individual Form 1040 (please see our section on Individual Tax Preparation and Tax Planning), traditional corporations, as well as partnerships, are required to file their own returns.
Corporate and partnership taxation is an incredibly complex area.  We stay abreast of every new development so your returns are always accurate.
We also have extensive knowledge about tax preparation for community associations.  Taxation of associations (including condominium and homeowners’ associations) requires that they make an election, on an annual basis, concerning which form to file.  Our CPAs can help you determine the most advantageous option in terms of minimizing your association’s tax liability.  (For more information, please see our section on community association services.)
Due to the tax code’s complexity in these areas, we emphasize thorough tax planning with all our clients.  We stay in communication year-round so you’ll always a have a clear understanding of where your business or association stands financially.  In particular, as you move into the third quarter, we encourage you to consult with us so we can make suggestions from a business standpoint about maximizing your profit and minimizing your tax liability.   We’re always available by phone, email, or in person, and we welcome any questions you might have.
Our business and association tax preparation and accounting services may also include:
Payroll and sales taxes. We can assist our business clients with the preparation of sales taxes and payroll taxes in any state, including Forms 940, 941, W-2, W-3, and UCT-6, which we prepare on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as your needs require.
Both sales taxes and payroll taxes are complicated, and many companies find themselves penalized time and again for faulty reporting.  If you would like to continue reporting on your own, we are happy to share our expertise and help you properly set up QuickBooks® payroll services to minimize future mistakes.
QuickBooks® services. Collectively, our accountants share decades of experience with QuickBooks®, and we even have Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors to assist you.  As a result of our in-depth understanding of the software, we can prepare your returns more easily, more quickly, and more accurately—translating into cost savings for you.  We always update your QuickBooks® data to reflect the tax returns we prepare, so you won’t have any internal accounting discrepancies. 
eBookkeeper. We also offer a proprietary outsourced accounting service, eBookkeeper, that we’ve spent years developing to assist our business clients.  Besides saving you the cost of an in-house bookkeeper’s salary, it can make the preparation of your tax returns easier and faster.
Business formation advice. While accountants don’t personally prepare articles of incorporation or partnership documents, we can advise you in the selection of the proper business entity to help minimize your tax liability.  We encourage you to talk to us before you go into business so we can offer as much assistance as possible.  For more information, please see our section on business and corporation startup advisement.