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eBookkeeper Service

Taking Business Accounting to a New Level
Our proprietary eBookkeeper takes advantage of the latest on-line technology—including fax, email, and an ultra-secure Internet server—to bring your company a fresh approach to bookkeeping.  Technology however, is only as good as the human intellect behind it.  Underlying eBookkeeper is the rich experience of our talented team of CPAs and accountants, who can offer your business a streamlined bookkeeping product and as much personal attention as you require.
Combining the Internet with our accounting knowledge, eBookkeeper can provide you with timely and accurate financial reports tailored to the unique needs of your business.  Armed with that information, and freed from preparing it, you can focus on building your business and becoming more profitable every day.
  • Eliminate a constant source of personnel issues. Time spent dealing with unsatisfactory employees and training new ones is distracting and detrimental to your bottom line.
  • Save money. Forgoing an in-house bookkeeper means one fewer salary and one fewer benefits package to pay. Whittaker & Associates offers a better accounting product at less cost to you.
  • Get up-to-the minute financial reports. eBookkeeper gives you access to all the relevant information around the clock, so you won’t have to wait for monthly reports before making informed decisions.
  • Go paperless. Filing is time consuming.  We’ll make sure you’ll only have to handle each piece of paper once—we’ll enter it into QuickBooks®, make sense of it, and store it electronically on our secure server.
  • Get CPA oversight of your accounts. With our service, your accounts will be in exceptionally capable hands—ours.  We oversee every single account, so you’ll get the accuracy and insight that comes with a trusted CPA firm.  Through eBookkeeper, we prepare meaningful reports that will help you understand your business better.  In addition, we’re always available as a sounding board for your questions about profitability.