Many businesses, including non-profit organizations, are required to produce a formal accounting report for third party review at least once during the year.  At Whittaker & Saucier, our CPAs can assist you in determining the type of report you’ll need, and prepare it accurately, professionally, and on time.
  • Compilations. Compilations are the least formal type of accounting report.  For many businesses, annual compilations are perfectly appropriate to meet many reporting requirements.  For others, compilations are appropriate on a monthly or quarterly basis.  Even if you’re a large company with an in-house bookkeeping team, it’s important to have a licensed CPA looking over your financial statements on a regular basis, which is why compilations are so important.
  • Reviews. Reviews are typically prepared on an annual basis, and meet a stricter reporting standard than compilations.
  • Audits. Audits are the most detailed financial reports, the most complicated to prepare, and meet the most stringent reporting standards.  Like reviews, they are typically prepared on an annual basis.  Our clients are comfortable knowing that our CPAs and accountants have the experience and knowledge to prepare complex audits correctly whenever they’re required.
Whatever their scope or purpose, our reports always meet or exceed professional and industry standards.  In fact, we even participate in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ peer review program, which means that respected professional colleagues periodically review our work to ensure it meets the highest level of professionalism.
As with all our accounting services, we believe that the watchword in financial reporting is communication.  We’ll keep you informed and involved throughout the reporting process to ensure everyone has the right information; and as always, we encourage you to call or email us with any concerns.  We’re here to listen, and here to help.